Rick Bizzozero

Me, I love to cook Italian dishes that come out almost as good as my late mother’s. I love to play the guitar. I think while I cook. I think while I play the guitar. And sometimes I’m not even aware I’m thinking until something just pops out. Could it be the calamari? Could it be the little riff like the one here?

Dick Runci

I’ve run over 85,00 miles in almost 40 years. It works out to about forty miles a week. For my sanity and my family’s peace it’s just something I have to do. I love it. Just like I love writing ads, creating brands, developing concepts, writing humor, or just plain nonsense- it’s fun for me. I know I’m lucky. I’ve got one of those jobs that isn’t work. And if it ever became work,

I could always run away from it.


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