TD’s Deli

Establishing Brand presence
for Multi-location


Tedeschi Food Shops, one of the largest “C” store chains in the Northeast had a desire to rollout an “in-store Deli” concept throughout its 200 store chain.

GIG working with the Tedeschi family over the years, saw a need to help develop the “TD’s” concept as a “stand alone” concept and separate the brand as its own entity!

Recognizing that we had to “dig in” and have some strong research to develop the brand, according to Rick Bizzozero (owner and creative director) “We hired an outside marketing/research firm to engage in customer and in-store surveys along with competitive analysis. This proved very valuable and drove the concept, which currently has continued to be successful!”


  1. • Creative Concept

  2. • Brand Positioning

  3. • Logo development

  4. • Interior design/storefront

  5. • Signage and construction